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Internet Freedom 2012/11/29

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As much as Google should be critically observed in general, their campaign for a free internet is supported by hundreds of credible organizations – including for example the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
The Declaration for Internet Freedom is a similar initiative, which is also trying to influence policy makers before the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) under UN/ ITU leadership.


Ideen Initiative von UNESCO und dm 2010/06/04

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Um möglichst zahlreiche zukunftsweisende Ideen zu fördern, haben die Deutsche UNESCO Kommission und dm-drogerie markt eine neue Initiative ins Leben gerufen: “Ideen Initiative Zukunft” fördert Projekte und Ideen für eine lebenswerte Zukunft. Mit dem innovativen Projekt knüpfen die Kooperationspartner an den Erfolg der Initiative “Sei ein Futurist!” an, bei der im Vorjahr 1.082 nachhaltige Ideen und Projekte mit je 1.000 Euro gefördert wurden. Ab sofort bis zum 15. Oktober 2010 läuft nun der Bewerbungscountdown für neue und innovative Ideen und Projekte 2010. Interessierte können sich unter www.ideen-initiative-zukunft.de  online bewerben.

from the press text … www.unesco.de/ua19-2010.html?&L=0

Carneval of Cultures 2010/05/23

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When almost 100 groups parading through Berlin´s ex-61 part of Berlin on Pentecote, you can witness the probably most international parade you can find anywhere in the world. It may not be as well organized as the Thanksgiving Parade in NYC, not as colorful as a day in Rio and not (yet) as popular as the NottingHill Carnival in London — but it can build on its grass-root origins in Germany´s capital, where one 7th of the population are immigrants (using this word purposely – to describe people in a variety of status´).

It is loud and funny – it is colorful and tolerant —it is peaceful and motivating.

Even  the young crowd discovered some while ago that they can stop at a variety of cocktail-tents along the way and drink Caipirinha or CubaLibre, while watching an ever-growing crowd, listening to the drums from the parade. “This is Berlin!” , the message says, …”and here we are celebrating our joint co-existence. We are from around the world, but we live and work here, so — we ARE Berlin!”

learning WordPress 2010/03/15

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of course it is easy — but still, taking just a little time — I remember the days, when I used ancient blogging software and programmed all html myself — so this WordPress should be so much easier — but the customization is taking its time…

more time 2010/03/05

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wishing for more time – like this I really could get back to developing this blog and the other web sites which are in their early (or late) stages for much too long — but how can we cut out 36 hours out of a day ???

Here, we go… 2010/02/20

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finally the start of a new blog! Many long years I waited for this. After beginnings in 2001 in NY — if twitter would have existed then!

Hello world! 2010/02/19

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!